Tuna pasta salad

At this time of year there are plenty of family gatherings going on- this recipe is a great easy and tasty addition to any buffet! It’s also a fab meal all in itself- makes a fun change to sandwiches at lunchtime! This makes a very big bowlful. Half the recipe if you’re just doing lunch for the family!


400g pasta (Make this recipe gluten free by using gluten free pasta)

2 red peppers

3/4 cucumber

Bunch of spring onions

Handful of black olives

1 & 1/2 small tins of sweetcorn

2 tins of tuna

2 large spoonfuls of mayonnaise

2-3 large spoonfuls of Greek yoghurt

Olive oil

Black pepper

Put the pasta on to boil (follow packet guides for how long to cook for.) I like to use pasta shells (conchiglie) because they tend to hold more of the salad in them.

Meanwhile cut the red peppers and cucumber into small cubes, finely slice the spring onions and finely chop the olives

When the pasta is cooked drain it and stir through a drizzle of olive oil. This will stop the pasta getting glued together as it cools. Leave to cool.

Pour all your chopped salad into a large bowl. Drain the sweetcorn, add to the bowl and mix everything in.

Drain the tuna and use a fork to flake it into the bowl. Mix

Add the mayonnaise and Greek yoghurt and stir through.

Finally add the cooled pasta and mix. If it’s a little dry add another spoon of mayonnaise and or yoghurt. Add a good amount of black pepper too!

  • Serve! Delicious!!

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