I’m a mummy to two wonderful little girlies. My eldest will be 3 in November 2016- we did pure Baby Led Weaning with her and was very careful how much sugar and salt was introduced into her diet early on. She always ate what we ate (so our diet improved massively when she started eating!) I did my best to vary what she was offered and cooked as much as I could from scratch. I run my own business so I had to become super organised to do that- but I managed most of the time to stick to my goals. She is now the least fussy toddler I know when it comes to food. She loves to eat and will happily try most new things we offer her. I will often collect her from nursery to be told she was the only child in the room that ate the sweet potato wedges/ olive tart/ grapefruit/ goulash etc- and most of the others refused. I believe one of the reasons for that is purely exposure to these tastes and a way of eating that was instilled in her from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong- she will still choose a chocolate biscuit over an apple (she is human after all!) but if the chocolate isn’t an option she’s happy to munch the apple!

This year we welcomed another baby girl into our life and she’s just turned 6 months and so we’ve started the journey all over again!

My aim with this blog is to share some of my recipes, ideas and philosophies regarding weaning, child nutrition and family eating. Don’t feel you have to do everything- just take the things that are useful to you and challenge yourself to try something new occasionally. My recipes are very much for the whole family- I don’t really expect my children to eat anything I wouldn’t want to (hence why I don’t offer them frozen turkey dinosaurs or chicken nuggets- they don’t really feature in my diet!) So everything on here is for you as much as your children.

Happy healthy cooking!