Quick tomato and vegetable pasta

This is the sort of dish that’s great for a quick tea when you’re short on time! I made this on the day we returned from our week long holiday- it’s very easy to adapt to include whatever other veg you like too!


Pasta (3 large handfuls)

Half an onion

Half a courgette

One small carrot

5 or 6 small mushrooms

Half a tin of tomatoes

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp oregano

Slice the carrot and courgette

In a pan pop the carrots into cold water and put on to boil

Once the water reaches the boil add the courgette and simmer for 5mins

Add the pasta and continue to cook for 10-15mins until everything’s soft.

Meanwhile slice the onion and half the mushrooms. The chunkier the veg is the easier it is for baby to pick up!

In another pan heat a little olive oil and cook the onions on a medium heat for 5mins

Add the paprika and stir until the onions are coated

Add the mushrooms and cook for another 3-5mins until they’re soft

Add the tinned tomatoes

And the oregano and cook through for a couple of mins

Drain the veg and pasta and tip the tomato mixture on top and mix together


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