Vegetable quesadillas

This is a super quick and easy lunchtime make. A great one for babies to handle too! There’s plenty of other things you could use inside these- grated carrots, red onion, hummus, beans, sweetcorn- whatever takes your fancy!


Mini flour tortilla wraps


Spring onion

Red pepper

Baby leaf spinach

Cheese (cheddar or similar)

Finely slice the mushrooms and arrange evenly over the wrap

Finely slice the spring onion and cut small cubes of pepper and arrange on top

Cover with a layer of spinach

Finally lots of grated cheese

Pop under the grill for a few minutes…

Until it looks like this!

Fold in half and gently press down so the cheese sticks everything together then put back under the grill for a few more minutes…

Until it goes crispy and slightly brown like this!

Leave to cool for a few minutes before cutting into 3 pieces

Serve with salad and enjoy!

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