Cauliflower crust pizza

If you’re expecting a bready taste to this one you might get a little disappointed- it certainly has more of an eggy taste to this pizza base- but if you’re a fan of eggs you’ll be pretty happy! I really enjoyed this one. Great for babies to pick up and full of veg- win win!


1/2 head of cauliflower blitzed into rice (I cheated here as I noticed Sainsburys were selling pre-riced cauliflower! This bag was 300g

1-2 eggs

20g ground almonds

30-40g grated Parmesan or similar cheese

Tomato purée 


Toppings of your choice- I’m using mushrooms, spinach & olives

Pop the cauliflower rice in a bowl, cover with cling film and pierce a few times before microwaving for 5mins

Tip the cooked cauliflower onto a clean tea towel and leave to cool before using the towel to squeeze as much liquid out of the cauliflower as you can.

In a bowl put the ground almonds, cheese, squeezed cauliflower and egg. Mix together

Put some baking paper onto a baking tray and spoon the mixture on top

Spoon into a pizza shape leaving the edge a little thicker to form a crust

Bake in an oven at 180 degrees for 15-20mins until it deepens in colour and begins to brown on top

Spread tomato purée over

Mozzarella and the rest of your toppings

Back into the oven at 200 degrees this time for 12-15mins

Serve hot or cold!

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