Tomato and pepper soup

This is probably my toddlers favourite soup that I make and it’s a great one for using up left over salad that has sat in the fridge for a week- I love soups for that! If you’ve got veg that’s on the turn make soup then freeze it until you need it- no need to throw anything away!


One onion

one stick of celery

3 peppers (red, orange and yellow)

cherry tomatoes (small punnet)

veg stock cube (find gluten free stock cubes if you want it to be gluten free)

olive oil


salt & pepper

On a medium heat cook the onions and celery in a tablespoon of olive oil for around 5mins to soften.

Add the peppers and tomatoes, around a teaspoon of paprika and cook for another couple of mins

Add around a pint of stock (enough to just cover all the veg), bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer and cover. Leave to cook for around 15-30mins until everything is soft

Ok- this was supposed to be a photo of me blending the soup but my toddler decided to throw a tantrum at this point and blurred the pic! So the next step is to blend the soup. I have a hand blender I like to use as its easier to clean but you can tip it all into a normal blender if that’s easier for you

Serve with crusty bread! You can put a swirl of double cream in there too if you like (and if you don’t need it to be dairy free!)

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