Sugar free flapjacks

I was asked for a healthy flapjack recipe so I had a fun evening trying out a few ideas and this was my favourite combination. These are refined sugar free but still lovely and sweet and chewy too. A big hit with everyone I’ve served them to so far!


2 very ripe bananas

Vanilla essence

Vegetable oil (or coconut oil if you prefer)

125g dates

160g oats

Mash the bananas into a smooth paste

Ignore the food processor- just chop the dates! I tried to make them into more of a paste but it didn’t work so I ended up chopping them instead! Chop them as small as you can.

(I later learned that I would need to soak the dates first if I wanted to make them into a paste. I might try it one time and update you if it works better!)

Add the dates and 50ml of oil into the bowl with the bananas

Mix together and add a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Add 160g of oats and mix together.

Grease a square baking tin (I’m using a silicon one as I find it easier to tip out at the end)

Spread the mixture evenly into the tin and pop into the oven at 175 degrees for around 22mins

Cool in the tin on a wire rack for 10mins then turn out and cut into squares while they are still warm.

Enjoy! These can be frozen and defrosted one a time- take one out in the morning and it’ll be ready for mid morning snack time or lunch!

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