Lancashire Hot Pot with slow cooked red cabbage

This is one to make earlier in the day and have ready for dinner (that’s generally how I do most of our meals but some things work better than others)

It’s a simple dish with very few ingredients but it always goes down well!



Red cabbage

2 Granny Smith apples

100ml balsamic vinegar

Tablespoon of brown sugar
4-5 Potatoes

3-4 Carrots

2 onions

Dried parsley

300ml lamb or vegetable stock (if gluten free make sure you find gluten free stock cubes)

Worcestershire sauce


Oops- almost forgot!

Lamb chops! (Kinda important!)

Slice the cabbage. Peel and dice 2 apples. I ended up only using half the cabbage (which is more than enough for 4 people!)

Put the cabbage and apple in a slow cooker with a tablespoon of brown sugar

Pour over the balsamic vinegar and cook on high for 4hrs or low for 7-8hrs.

For the hot pot- dice the onions. Peel and Finely slice the potatoes and carrots. The thinner the slices the better. You can always peel and slice more later if you run out so don’t worry too much about how much to do- this was exactly the right amount of carrots for me but I needed another half a potato in the end.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the chops for a couple of minutes either side to seal them

Put aside until later

In the same pan (with the lamby oil) fry the onions on a medium-low heat for 5-10mins.

Lightly grease an ovenproof dish and start to layer everything up. Start with a layer of carrots

Then a layer of potatoes

All the onions

Then the lamb chops

Sprinkle over some parsley

After the parsley do a potato layer followed by a carrot layer and finally one more potato layer.

Make up 300ml of stock and add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce to it.

Dot butter over the potatoes and pour the stick over the top

Cover with tin foil and pop into a preheated oven at 150-160 degrees for 90mins. At that point remove the tin foil and cook for a further 30mins.

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