Banana yogurt dessert

This is a very fluid recipe- I’m not giving specific amounts of each ingredient because it really doesn’t make too much of a difference if you use a little more or less of any of the ingredients! This has become a favourite dessert after our trip to Crete. In fact- over there you’d generally only get the yogurt and honey- I’ve just added a couple more bits to compliment that slightly.

Now obviously this is not one for the under 1s as honey is a no go until they hit their first birthday but you could absolutely try substituting the honey for maple syrup if you wanted to create something similar for baby.


Greek yogurt (not Greek style- which tends to have a higher sugar content)

Dark chocolate chips


Honey (raw would be best!)

Put the yoghurt in a mixing bowl and stir to even out the texture. Add a few handfuls of dark chocolate chips and stir through.

Slice some banana

Put a dollop of the yoghurt and chocolate mixture into a bowl and arrange the banana slices on top

Drizzle over a spoonful or two of honey

That’s it! Simple, delicious and not too bad for you either!!

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