10 a day meal planner

OK- so the challenge is to fit 10 portions of fruit and veg into every day over 2 weeks. All of the meals I’ve suggested are ones we have. 

Disclaimer: I don’t actually cook this many meals in one week because I work and my kids get fed at nursery 4 meals a week. I also tend to cook way more than I need at each meal so I always have left overs for another day! But I figured I’d give you a more varied plan so you can get an idea of how you could potentially manage all 10 portions each day!

WEEK 1….


Breakfast- Porridge with sliced banana & blueberries (2)

Snack- Apple (3)

Lunch- Leek & Potato soup (4) and strawberries (5)

Snack- Kale crisps (6)

Dinner- Chicken & vegetable kebabs (9) and frozen mango (10!)


Breakfast- Porridge with grapes & strawberries (2)

Snack- Cheese & crackers

Lunch- Salami & vegetable omelette with salad (5) and Banana (6)

Snack- Satauma (7)

Dinner- Chilli con carne and rice (9) and Plum (10!)


Breakfast- Shredded wheat with sliced banana & raisins (2)

Snack- Air popped popcorn

Lunch- Loaded baked sweet potato and salad (5) and grapes (6)

Snack- Falafel (7)

Dinner- Sausage & barley casserole (9) and Melon (10!)


Breakfast- Porridge with Apple and sultanas (2)

Snack- Breadsticks 

Lunch- Loaded cheese on toast and salad (5) and Pineapple (6)

Snack- Pumpkin seeds

Dinner- Lancashire hot pot with red cabbage (9) and Nectarine (10!)


Breakfast- Shredded wheat with blueberries & raspberries (2)

Snack- sugar free flapjack (3)

Lunch- Courgette & pea fritters and salad (6) and pear (7)

Snack- ryvita and cottage cheese

Dinner- Mackerel & sweet potato fish cakes with potato wedges & peas (9) and watermelon (10!)


Breakfast- Porridge with raspberries & dried cranberries (2)

Snack- Cucumber and carrot sticks (3)

Lunch- Sweet potato chowder (5) and persimmon (6)

Snack- peanut butter biscuit

Dinner- Beef & vegetable enchiladas with guacamole (9) and cherries (10!)


Breakfast- Fruitful muffin (2)

Snack- Grapes (3)

Lunch- Roast lamb, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (7) and banana ice lolly (8)

Snack- nuts

Dinner- Scrambled egg with spinach and smoked salmon (9) and plum (10!)

Week 2…


Breakfast- porridge with grapes (1)

Snack- breadsticks 

Lunch- Bubble and squeak with a fried egg  (4) and Prunes (5)

Snack- celery stuffed with cream cheese (6)

Dinner- Prawn and green vegetable risotto (9) and satsuma (10!)


Breakfast- shredded wheat with apricot (1)

Snack- Apple (2)

Lunch- eggy muffins and salad (5) and banana (6)

Snack- air popped popcorn

Dinner- bean burgers with sweet potato chips (9) and mango (10)


Breakfast- porridge with blueberries and banana (2)

Snack- cheese sticks 

Lunch- savoury pancake with ham and asparagus and salad (4)

Snack- sweet potato brownie (5)

Dinner- monkfish Thai green curry (8) and frozen fruit salad (10!)


Breakfast- shredded wheat with mango and raspberries (2)

Snack- kidney beans (3)

Lunch- hummus and cucumber wrap with salad (5) and kiwi (6)

Snack- banana (7)

Dinner- spaghetti bolognaise (9) and pineapple (10!)


Breakfast- Porridge with apple and blackberries (2)

Snack- Seeded crispbread

Lunch- pepper and sweetcorn quesadilla (4) and Apricot (5)

Snack- Kale crisps (6)

Dinner- swede topped fish pie with green beans (9) and banana nice cream (10!)


Breakfast- Porridge with honey, banana and dates

Snack- carrot and raisin cupcake (3)

Lunch- broccoli and Stilton soup (5)

Snack- tomato (6)

Dinner- toad in the hole with cabbage and carrots (9) and strawberries (10!)


Breakfast- Fried egg, mushrooms, bacon, tomato, sausage and homemade baked beans (3)

Snack- Red, yellow and green pepper sticks (4)

Lunch- Roast chicken, mushroom stuffing, maple roast roast vegetables (8)

 and fruit crumble (9)

Snack- rice cakes

Dinner- muscles in a creamy sauce with bread and Melon (10!)
Recipes for all these meals can be found on the blog! The only thing I haven’t written up yet is a falafel recipe and the Banaba nicecream recipe- watch out for those ones coming soon! Just do a search on our homepage to find any of the recipes above!

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