Maple roasted root vegetables

This recipe is on the conservative side in terms of how much of each thing I used. If you want to go all our double the amount of oil and syrup for one tray of veg and you’ll get a much sweeter, caramelised result.

For us this is just enough (hubby doesn’t have a sweet tooth) so it’s not too sweet but certainly adds a little something which makes my toddler clear her plate without question!


Root vegetables of your choice! I used:

3 Carrots

3 Potatoes

2 Parsnips

1/2 Swede

2 Sweet potato
2-3 cloves of garlic

50ml olive oil

30ml maple syrup

Salt and pepper

Peel and chop all your veg into chunks. I left the skin on the sweet potato.

In a jug measure the oil and maple syrup then crush the garlic in. Use a fork to whisk it all together.

Spread the veg over the base of an oven tray trying your best to get everything in one layer. Drizzle the oily syrup mixture over the top.

Season with a little salt and pepper then pop into a preheated oven at 190 degrees for an hour.

Serve and enjoy!!

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