Slow cooker ham joint

This is more of a ‘how to…’ Rather than a Recipe as it’s so simple to do! We often do this for our Sunday ‘roast’ but I’ve also done hams like this and served them cold as part of a buffet before.


750g Gammon joint (mine came from Aldi of all places but it works pretty well! If you want a slightly better quality joint I’d advise visiting your local butcher)

Dark brown sugar

That’s it!!

Remove all the packaging and place the joint into a slow cooker

Pour over around 150-250g of sugar

(This looks and sounds like a lot but the majority of it doesn’t get absorbed by the meat)

Press as much of the sugar onto all sides of the meat as you can.

Cook on low for 7-8hrs or high for 4hrs or auto for 5-6hrs (they all work well it just depends how you want to time it!)

Half way through the cooking turn the meat over (don’t panic if you’re out and can’t do this bit- you’ll just end up with one side more caramelised than the other!)

Leave it to rest for 5-10mins before carving. Or cover and chill at this point if you want to serve it cold later.

We serve ours with mash potato, carrots and cabbage and today with long stem broccoli too! Delicious! If you’re feeling a bit naughty you can use the syrup that gathers in the bottom of the slow cooker as a gravy replacement!!

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