Herby fish fingers

As preprepared food goes fish fingers really aren’t all that bad but I did fancy making some of my own anyway! Anything made from scratch is going to essentially be less processed than something pre-made in a factory! These were really easy to do and they went down well with all members of the family so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this one again!


4 cod fillets (or any other white fish will do just as well!) 

1 1/2 slices of bread 

25g polenta

3 tablespoons plain flour

Handful of basil

Handful of parsley

Black pepper

One large egg 

Whizz up the bread into breadcrumbs and put into a bowl

Chop or blend the herbs (I used basil and parsley but plenty of other herbs would work just as nicely!)

Add the herbs to the breadcrumbs and mix in the polenta

In another bowl add a decent amount of black pepper to the flour

Cut the fish fillets into finger shapes. I made 4 fish fingers out of each fillet so 16 altogether

Break an egg into a 3rd bowl and whisk up with a fork

Dip the fish into the flour and shake off any excess

Then dip into the egg

Finally cover with the breadcrumb mixture

Pop onto a plate. At this point you can chill the fingers (which is what I did as I made them 3-4hrs before dinner time) or you can freeze them and cook straight from frozen.

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a deep pan (I used rapeseed oil but vegetable or sunflower oil would work well too)

Get the oil hot enough that a breadcrumb Dropped into it will turn golden and then add the fish fingers to the pan

Cook for 6-8mins turning onto all sides as they colour

Remove from the pan and place onto some kitchen roll for a minute to soak up any excess oil

Serve with veg, chips or whatever you like!

Super easy for baby to pick up! Yummy!

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