Swede topped fish pie

This is another classic dish that I’ve managed to pack with a few extra veg! The first time we tried putting swede on our fish pie we were pleasantly surprised by how well it went. So much so that fish pie topped with pure potato tastes a little bland to me now!








Spring onions


Cheese (cheddar or similar)

Fish pie mix (cheaper than buying fillets of each fish!)



Cut the swede small and add around 2 medium potatoes. Boil until soft.

Hard boil 3 eggs

Meanwhile- melt 25g of butter in a pan

Add the spring onions and cook for a minute

Add 25g of flour and stir in, cooking for at least a minute.

Using a balloon whisk add 400g of milk (start with enough to make a paste then add the rest gradually while whisking constantly) bring to the boil then reduce heat until it thickens (stirring constantly)

Add a handful of chopped chives and a big handful of grated cheese.

In an oven proof dish pop the fish and a handful of sweetcorn

Peel and quarter the eggs and add with a couple of handfuls of frozen peas.

Add the white sauce and give everything a careful stir to make sure it’s all covered.

Drain and mash your swede and potato with a nob of butter and a splash of milk.

Spread on top of the fish mix

A little more cheese then into the oven on 180 degrees for 25-30mins.

Serve with green veg. I opted for green beans and samphire (which I’d wanted to taste after seeing it repeatedly used on Masterchef!)

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