Monkfish Thai green or yellow curry

Thai curries are relatively sweet so tend to be quite well received by young tastes. We like fish in ours but chicken, prawns or Quorn would work nicely too.

The veg in this dish is great for BLW- it’s all easy to grab!


Monkfish (we often use River cobbler as a cheaper alternative fish for this dish)

Baby sweetcorn

Mange Tout

Red pepper

Yellow or green curry paste

Kafir lime leaves

Fish sauce

Brown sugar

Coconut milk

Slice the mange tout and baby sweetcorn in half lengthwise and cut the pepper into strips. Cut the fish into chunks. Finely chop 2 kafir lime leaves.

In a wok like pan heat a little oil and fry a tablespoon of curry paste for a couple of mins (if you want it hotter make it 2-3 tablespoons but we find one tablespoon makes it tame enough for the toddlers taste buds)

Add a tin of coconut milk.

Add the kafir lime leaves

A tablespoon of fish sauce

And a teaspoon of brown sugar. (You can skip this step if you like but it does make it taste good with a little sugar in there!) Warm everything through to a gentle boil.

Add the fish and cook for a couple of mins

Throw in the veg and continue cooking for 5mins. If you’re serving to babies you will want to cook it longer for them so the veg softens completely. Toddlers can manage al-dente veg.


Serve with Jasmin rice.

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