Banana ice lollies

Shop bought lollies have so much sugar in them! And it’s so easy to make something yourself that’s just as much fun to eat without any extra sugar/chemicals etc. This is an example of how simple it can be!!


Ripe banana (should have brown spots but not black)

Greek yoghurt

Lolly sticks (I couldn’t find any but did see these solid straws in Waitrose and decided they’d work just as well!)

Cut banana into 2 pieces

Stick lolly stick (or straw!) into the end

Dip into the yoghurt to cover it. Now if you want to be a little naughtier you can use chocolate here, or swirl some jam or honey into the yoghurt- we went with pure yoghurt first as I wanted to see if she actually needed it any sweeter before presuming she did. Turns out she was happy with it as is!

Pop the covered bananas into a pot or on a plate making sure they don’t touch.

Cover with cling film and stick in the freezer overnight.

Delight the kids with a pretty guilt free desert!

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