I’m all about trying to give my children the best nutrition I can. Instead of constantly label checking for salt/ sugar/ chemicals etc. I prefer to simply cook as much from scratch as I can. That way I know exactly what is going into every meal. It also allows me to add extra fruit and veg into places you might not usually find it! I know we’re all used to hearing how we should eat 5 a day but when you do a little research you find that actually we should be aiming for more like 7-9 a day! So that’s what I aim for. I offer very few meals that don’t have any veg at all- maybe one a week. The rest of the time I aim for 2-3 veg in a meal and fruit for pudding at literally every meal! I certainly am not perfect but I try my best and hope to inspire, educate and learn by sharing my meals with you all! Find something you like and give it a go- and don’t forget to let me know how you get on!!

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